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Modified Fenton's Technique

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   Isotec - Innovative chemical treatment solutions for soil and groundwater remediation.

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In-Situ Oxidative Technologies, Inc. (ISOTECSM) is a full service environmental remediation firm pioneering in-situ chemical oxidation (ISCO) and in-situ chemical reduction (ISCR) techniques including our patented Modified Fenton's Reagent, Permanganate, Activated Persulfate, Calcium Polysulfide, Lactates, Sulfates and Nitrates. A wide range of contaminants in soils and groundwater can be treated effectively in a short timeframe using the ISOTEC treatment approach.

Other services offered by ISOTEC include soil mixing and metals remediation.  ISOTEC has applied its unique groundwater remediation methods to more than 1,000 applications around the world. Our professional team develops an individual strategy that addresses the concerns of each project site.

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FMC Case Study NJCase 38 - This site is an active military base in Virginia. Contaminants of concern at the siteare volatile organic compounds, primarily carbon tetrachloride and chloroform.
  • ISOTEC and Lang Tool Co. have signed a teaming agreement that combines the individual strengths of both companies   >> Read More 
  • ISOTEC and TPS Tech partner to provide comprehensive remediation services             >> Read More                                                                          
  • ISOTEC is now offering in-situ and ex-situ thermal remediation services using TPS-Tech's patented gas thermal remediation (GTR) technology.  The technology is fairly mobile and well suited for a wide range of clean ups - from small residential sites to large industrial sites, while minimizing costly infrastructure upgrades needed for typical thermal remediation projects.                                                                            
  • Three soil mixing projects completed using the dual axis blending technology.  The first project, in Wisconsin, utilized sodium hydroxide activated persulfate.  The second project, in New Jersey, utilized lime activated persulfate.  The third project, in Massachusetts, utilized lime activated persulfate to achieve performance-based goals.
  • ISOTEC presents Arsenic treatment via in-situ co-precipitation >> Read More
  • In-situ chemical reduction (ISCR) treatment of hexavalent chromium [Cr(VI)] using calcium polysulfide was completed at a major industrial facility in New Jersey.
  • ISOTEC will be co-sponsoring the ninth International Conference on "Remediation of Chlorinated and Recalcitrant Compounds" in Monterey, California on May 19-22, 2014. 
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  • Sodium Persulfate Treatment Program Completed at a Former Drum Storage Superfund Site.
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  • New Isotec Technology Effectively Treats 1,4-Dioxane  >> Read More
  • Nyack MGP Site given Award of Merit by New York Construction Magazine >> Read More
Superfund Site in FloridaCase 48 - ISOTEC conducted an in-situ chemical oxidation remediation program for saturated soil and ground- water contamination at a former wood product mill in Arlington, Washington.
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